Director Maruthi’s next Kotha Janta starring Allu Sirish and Regina in the lead was expected to have a March release. Everything was set up that way and even little promotions too begin hinting at audio release in February but due that was not the case to be due to some unexpected delay. Gossip has it that the makers wanted to reshoot some portions and hence the release plan went awry.

Now the entire shoot is reported to have been completed and final output too seems to be locked to everyone’s satisfaction. Hence the makers are now proceeding with the audio launch of the film. It is expected to happen mostly for Ugadi at the end of the month. The film meanwhile is targeted as an April end or May second week release. Kotha Janta is crucial for the future course of Allu Sirish as an actor as his first film Gauravam was an absolute dud at the box office.