Mahesh Babu - Trivikram SrinivasA lot is being said about Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s SSMB28. Meanwhile, the stage is set for first glimpse and the title of the film which is to be out on 31 May, marking superstar Krishna’s birthday.

Coming to the topic, the makers have been promoting the film as a proper mass action thriller.

At first, in an exclusive interview with, the producer of the film, Naga Vamsi said the Mahesh starrer is a family entertainer. He even questioned what’s wrong with making a family entertainer.

But cut to now, almost every official update from the team has the word “Mass” in it. It is understood from reliable reports that SSMB28 is going to essentially be a family entertainer and there will be some mass elements spread across.

The makers are now extensively focused on the mass film narrative and are including the word “Mass” wherever they can.

As it appears, the makers, including Mahesh and Trivikram have bowed to the ‘mass’ thirst of fans who’ve been pushing Mahesh to do a proper mass film. And again, full-on mass isn’t necessarily a forte of Trivikram.

But nevertheless, the first poster has hyped the film greatly. The same can be escalated further with the title announcement that is due to be out on 31 May.