Pawan Kalyan seems to be in the news all the time these days. This time, it is over the perceived assets of the actor which unconfirmed reports online claim to be at a mere 17.7 crores. Word is that this is leaked copy of the affidavit that the actor has submitted to the Election Commision. It is a hardly surprise that the figure has raised the eyebrows of everyone at the small number. Fans have flocked to twitter to express their which mostly includes sarcasm like “PK does not own a house?” while some of his fans seem to believe that the actor really has kept so little for himself and spent rest of his earnings on charity.

A source inside the industry however said that Pawan is the highest paid actor in Tollywood with a rate of about 13-15 crore per film so it is highly unlikely that his net worth is just 17 crore. However, election commission has not revealed officially what Pawan had submitted to them. So we won’t know if this leaked one is real or fake unless Pawan speaks about it.