Mr Majnu - Akhil Avoiding Old Mistakes Or Repeating Them?Akhil arrived on the Telugu film scene with a loud noise, courtesy of his debut venture. However, it fizzled out instantly leaving him in shadows for months. After a gap, he came with a decent venture, Hello, but again miscalculated with the release date and paid the price.

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Now, Akhil is ready to strike with Mr Majnu, but the question remains – has he learned from his past mistakes? The release date definitely suggests there is some thought. As many know, initially, Mr Majnu was planned for Christmas holidays period. With too many movies arriving around that time and the coming Sankranthi being filled with biggies, it would have been difficult for the Akhil starrer to survive.

A sensible decision has been made and Mr Majnu is arriving on January 25 instead. If the second part of NTR biopic doesn’t arrive as planned, Mr Majnu would be the first choice for the audience. The rest, as they say, could be history if the talk is good.

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Another aspect is the business of the movie. Not much is known currently, but if it also in control, the chances of success would be high. But, more about that later. Mr Majnu is director Venki Atluri’s second film after Tholiprema. There are high expectations among Akkineni fans for its success.