Naga Shaurya's Blunder Will Haunt Him For Ever!

Kannada Actor Darshan recently embroiled himself in a massive controversy. With each passing day, the investigation is revealing shocking truths.

News has emerged that Darshan, with the help of his fan club president, kidnapped Renukaswamy, took him to a shed, beat him with belts, forced him to eat chicken biryani despite being a vegetarian, and peeled his skin off before dumping his body in a drain.

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This news has horrified the nation, and fans on social media are outraged by the star hero’s monstrous actions, which were reportedly instigated by his girlfriend, Pavitra.

Yesterday, ghastly and horrific photos of Renukaswamy after his murder went viral, showing the brutal torture he endured before his death.

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Since then, there has been an all-round attack and public demand for a life sentence for Darshan. Some are even calling for the death penalty.

Amid this public outcry, Tollywood hero Naga Shaurya has unreasonably decided to extend support to Darshan.

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He wrote on his social media account, “My heart goes out to the family of the deceased, and I genuinely wish them strength during this difficult time. However, it is incredibly disappointing to see people rushing to conclusions about this issue. Darshan Anna is not someone who could ever harm anyone, even in his worst nightmares. Those who know him well can attest to his generosity, kind-hearted nature, and unwavering commitment to helping others. He has always gone out of his way to support those in need and has been a pillar of strength for many.”

Naga Shaurya’s decision to support Darshan is beyond foolish. When public sentiment is vehemently against Darshan, Shaurya has committed a colossal blunder by defending an alleged murderer.

Shaurya, whose career is already in shambles with a series of flops, has now made things worse by siding with someone who brutally tortured and killed his own fan, allegedly.

This blunder will forever stain and haunt Naga Shaurya’s career. If he felt any sympathy for Darshan, he could have expressed it privately. There was absolutely no need to write a lengthy and tone-deaf post sympathizing with an accused murderer.

Telugu Twitter people are already bashing Naga Shaurya for his brain-dead post and even calling to boycott his films.