Nayantara impresses Kammula with her commitment
Nayantara is a talented actress and proof to that is her various roles over the years. When she was cast as the lead in southern remake of Kahaani, many were apprehensive about her performance in the film except Sekhar Kammula. Sekhar believed in her talent and that’s why even suggested her name to the makers of the film.

Explaining with an example about her commitment, Sekhar said that when they were shooting recently, he realized that Nayantara had well groomed nails which in a way looked very cute but Sekhar felt that it would be apt for the role she played in the film. Therefore, he had suggested her about the same and asked what does she think. Apparently, Nayantara smiled and left the shoot and returned few minutes back with her nails cut. Kammula was apparently astonished by her commitment.

Another example was where Nayantara told Kammula that she would do stunts on her own when the team wanted to hire a body double. Kammula was pleasantly surprised by all this commitment.