NTR-Biopic,-Vinaya-Vidheya-Rama-&-F2---Best-&-Worst-Promoted-Sankranthi-2019-MoviesA total of four movies, including the Tamil, dubbed Petta, are slated to arrive in cinemas for Sankranthi 2019. Which among these has got the most traction so far? And the worst one? Remember it is about how the situation is right now at this point in time.

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The best-promoted movies are without any doubt, NTR and Petta. We take a look at the biopic as it is about Telugu direct ones. NTR (Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu), has maintained the buzz from the moment it started rolling. One way or the other it is always in news. The various names that are going to be part of the flick are further adding to the hype irrespective of the response they have got. With the trailer to come soon, the curiosity on NTR is reaching peaks.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama, on the other hand, is the worse regarding promotions. The makers woke very late in the day after a lot of ranting by the fans. A good momentum was built by the teaser, but the disastrous response to the first single has again put breaks. Of course, the reaction doesn’t matter to a biggie and the makers shouldn’t have let off the foot from the pedal, but that is not the case here. Contrast this with team NTR who are unrelenting.

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Finally, F2 came to the party late in the day, but a positive response has taken care of the delay. How they manage from here would decide its future prospects. As of now, it’s in a better position than Vinaya Vidheya Rama due to the recent impact.

The important thing to remember here, which we have said before too is that a biggie will open well regardless of promotions. However good promotions will give a boost to initial numbers. It is those additional few crores that help set memorable records.

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