Nuvve Naa Bangaram ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Director’s nightmare.

Sai Krishna, Sheena Shahabadi

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Oh-No Rating

Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review
What is “Nuvve Naa Bangaram” about?
Surya (Sai Krishna) loves a girl sincerely purely by talking to her on the phone. Harika (Sheena) is the girl on phone who is sincere and father abiding girl and agrees to marry Ajay for father’s sake. How both Surya and Harika realize the love for each other with a small twist in the tale is what Nuvve Na Bangaram is about.

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How is Sai Krishna’s performance?
Sai Krishna is expressionless like most of the newcomers we see in the films that every week. Few have absolutely no redeemable features and few at least say their dialogues properly. Sai Krishna belongs to the latter category and that’s the maximum that can be said about him positively. He has no screen presence at all and is disastrous when it
comes to emoting.

Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review
What about Venky’s direction?
Ram Venky has a decent story on hand that has its inspirations from a certain Bodyguard. He has a decent screenplay too with the right twists and turns on paper but when it comes to the final out, what we see on screen, it comes across as an amateur attempt. It has a lot to do with the set of actors he has on board though as the difference can be clearly seen when he handles a scene involving senior actors and when doing with these newcomers. May be he could give a decent watchable film next time if he has a good cast to mount a film next time.

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Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review
Other artists performance?
Unlike the regular heroine roles we see which lack any substance or importance to the main narrative, here heroine is central to the overall proceedings. Sheena Shahabadi looks good for the part but does nothing to entice the viewers with her act. Suman and Tanikella Bharani are the senior actors present in the film and they do what is expected of them in a very clinical manner with the right punctuations in emotions. Comedy by Praveen is good during the second half in the film. The actor playing Ajay, a supporting actor role in the film lacks the charisma required for that character.

Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review
How is Music, Songs and other departments?
Considering the small scale of the film, music by Yajamanya is decent with more emphasis being given on the melodies, although there is an item number. Background music is plain ordinary and doesn’t help in elevating the mood which is required for this kind of movies. Cinematography and editing is poor.

Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review

Poor execution of the film.
Vulgar comedy.
Bad climax.
Corny dialogues.

Nuvve Naa Bangaram Review
What about the box office performance of the film?
Another one week film that would be forgotten the moment the film is removed from the theaters.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?


Oh-No Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha