One Speech Does The Trick For Ponniyin SelvanThe team of Ponniyin Selvan is completely immersed in the promotions of the film. But Vikram’s one speech during one of the promotional events in Mumbai has done the trick for the film. People who were not interested also got curious to watch PS-1 now.

During the event, Chiyaan Vikram spoke about the importance of showing our history and culture to the upcoming generations.

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He said, “We all talk about the pyramids. But did you know our country has many temples, but the one with the tallest gopuram is in Thanjavur, built during the Chola dynasty? We all go to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We are appreciating a building that doesn’t stand. It’s falling over, and we say…wow, let’s take a selfie. But we have temples today that stand, and they didn’t use plaster.”

He also stated the greatness of Chola king Rajaraja. Vikram said that he built 5000 dams in his time. He created a water management ministry at that time. They’ve had free hospitals. He named cities after women.

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He added, “All of this occurred in the 9th century. When we think about our culture and how far we’ve come, we should be proud of it. It’s nothing to do with North, South, East, or West India. We are Indians.”

Vikram’s speech has touched the chords of many people who are proud of India’s culture, history, and tradition. This speech has gone viral and getting praise from all corners. This speech worked better than all the film’s promotional campaigns and made people, especially in the Hindi belt, connect with the film’s theme instantly.

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