Mega hero Varun Tej has a knack for making fresh-concept films and tries to offer something new to the audience. While the intention might be right, the execution is not quite up to the mark. His latest film Operation Valentine has opened with sub-1 crore opening in the Telugu states and this is not even a mention-worthy number.

The issue mainly comes from the lack of hype surrounding Varun’s films. The proven formula is that new-age films must be strategically placed between commercial films.

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Varun’s recent filmography goes like Gaddalakonda Ganesh – Ghani – F3 – Gandheevadari Arjuna – Operation Valentine. Three of the five films are experimentals. F3 and Ganesh were hits but they were followed by disasters so Varun’s market has become extremely unstable.

The wiser option would be to first set a stable base with a consolidated market and then go on the experimental track. Scoring consecutive commercial hits should quickly revive Varun’s market and this will enable him to have a new-age attempt or two later. Without the proper mix of commercial and new-age films, even if Varun makes a good experimental film, it might not reach its full potential due to the downbeat market which defeats the whole cause.

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But Varun recently mentioned that he will continue to do experimental films despite the market fluctuations. This idea is a good one but if he can strategically mix and match his films like how Nani does with his commercial ones and fresh attempts, then Varun could be on the right track.

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