Popular English Newspaper, The Hindu reported that Pawan Kalyan will be meeting BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate on 17th of this month and will be vouching his support to the National Party. In the inauguration speech of his Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan announced that he is ready to team up with any party except Congress. He also gave a slogan ‘Congress Hatao – Desh Bacho’ which is similar to Modi’s ‘Congress Mukth Bharath’ slogan.

This combination will send jibs in to opposition parties. Already BJP and TDP are moving towards an alliance. Jana Sena joining this alliance will consolidate the anti government vote and will attract youth and educated voters to the coalition.

Pawan Kalyan will be releasing his book on politics a couple of days. He will be holding one more media interaction very soon probably in couple of days. He will be introducing his team and explain the organisational aspects of his party. He is also expected to appoint an official spokesperson to his party who will be in constant touch with the media. The actor will also give his opinion about his support to the existing parties then.