Finally, the day has arrived. The long awaited launch of Pawan Kalyan’s party, Jana Sena, will be done in the evening, today. Before the party gets launched officially, let us all see a few details about this political party and its launch.

During the registration, the party has given out 7 goals to achieve.

Here goes the list of the Seven Goals.

1. To save and provide the fundamental rights to the people.
2. To give the people an honest, responsible and transparent government.
3. A secure life and education to everyone.
4. To keep peace and take control over anti-social elements.
5. To provide justice to common man quickly.
6. People can question the power and actions taken by Police and see that they do their duty correctly.
7. Health care and hospitals for every citizen of the state.

Coming to the assets Pawan owns, it is found that he has very few assets and properties. According to the official reports, the value of the properties Pawan Kalyan owns is Rs. 14,80,22,963. Let’s go into further details regarding this amount.

1. Cash in hand – 89,000

2. Bank deposits – 3,13,29,299

3. Deposits in other organizations – 4,13,54,423

4. Cash present in financial companies – 2,90,000

5. Money present in the form of Bonds, Debentures and Shares – 4,55,207

6. Mutual funds – 1,43,29,105

7. LIC ad Postal Deposits – 40,31,000

8. Value of Two of his bikes – 20,31,409

9. Two Benz Cars – 1,86,79,149

10. A Skoda company Car – 27,67,208

11. Value of Gold he possesses- 80,000

12. The money he has lent – 5,81,99,129

13. Machinery Value – 23,58,863

Not only this, Pawan Kalyan has also submitted the properties of his third wife Anna Lezhneva’s and his 3 Children’s assets which are Rs. 74,548 and Rs. 17,10,106 respectively.

While most people are wondering about what will happen in the launch today and who will speak, sources say that only Pawan Kalyan will speak and no other politician will grace the stage. The Deputy Commissioner of Police have also set a tight security of around 200 police men to prevent any unfavourable circumstances. With the Police already securing the place with their men, another method of security is being implemented. Only those people who have special bar-coded passes can enter the venue, Hitex, and watch the launch.