Perfect Chance for Allu Arjun to Pacify Mega FansThere is ever growing traction between Allu Arjun’s fans and Mega fans. A section of these two camps are at war on Twitter as they are doing negative trends and calling the heroes ugly names.

Coming to the topic, Nagababu has announced that all the mega heroes, except Pawan Kalyan will be attending Mega carnival, which is being organized to celebrate Chiranjeevi’s birthday.

The question here is – Will Allu Arjun be attending the event? If the answer is no, we can expect the Mega vs Allu war on social media to spread like wildfire and both sets of fans turning up the heat further.

Allu Arjun recently tweeted about Allu Ramalingaiah and termed him “foundation. This irked Mega fans, who say Chiranjeevi laid the foundation for Allu Arjun to become a hero and with Pushpa success, Bunny has forgotten it all.

The worst thing about this is that even if Allu Arjun attends the Mega Carnival event, the ugly fan war that is going on now will not be nullified completely.