Prabhas Vs SRK: Boothulu Pro Max

In an unlikely and unexpected social media fan war, the fans of Prabhas and Bollywood star SRK are going berserk as they are clashing over box office records and the off-screen persona of the two heroes.

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A few social media handles inclined towards SRK are saying Prabhas is a lottery star who got lucky with Baahubali. They are trying to do character assassination on communal lines by saying Prabhas belittled Lord Ram with Adipurush and is now humiliating Lord Vishnu by saying he is eating meat on the sets of Kalki which has a mythological touch.

In response, Prabhas’s fans are saying that the so-called Bollywood superstar SRK couldn’t stand the might of Salaar when his Dunki clashed with the Prabhas starrer last December. They are calling SRK a corporate booking star who has no public reception so he runs entirely on corporate bookings.

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There are many ugly meme photos and videos of both Prabhas and SRK that are being shared by both camps on social media. The two sets are abusing each other with ugly slurs and terms that can’t be said here.

Usually, we see domestic fan wars between two Telugu stars, but this time, things are going pan-India-wide with this ugly social media war between Prabhas and SRK’s fans.

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