Premalu 2

Premalu, starring Naslen and Mamitha Baiju, captivated audiences with its charming storyline, propelling it to become a huge success in Malayalam. Now the announcement of a sequel, Premalu 2, has created some ripples among the audience.

A section of the audience who watched the film on OTT is now criticizing this decision and asking what’s the need to make a sequel to just an okayish film like Premalu.

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However, the undeniable truth remains: Premalu was a huge hit not just in Malayalam but also in Telugu. It was liked by the majority of the audience. The makers made a very smart decision by announcing Premalu 2. Premalu is a big brand now and they want to cash in on it.

If they made another love story and named it something else they would have to spend a bomb on its marketing. Now the Premalu name itself will publicize the film. They will save huge loads of money on marketing the film. They can release the sequel in multiple languages because of the popularity of Premalu.

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Since the first movie didn’t have a super original story, people’s expectations for the sequel aren’t too high. They just need to come up with a decent entertaining film and they might score another big hit with the sequel. It can be a jackpot for the makers and hence they have announced the sequel.

The director Girish AD promised that the sequel is going to be more fun than the first one. Even though the first movie didn’t leave things open for a sequel, people are guessing what might happen in Premalu 2.

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