Sree LeelaSreeleela made a splashing debut with the romantic film PelliSandaD. She rocked into the hearts of Telugu audiences with her amazing dance numbers in Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka. Right now, she is one of the most hot-n-happening heroines in Tollywood, with films opposite all the major stars in the industry.

Sreeleela was born on June 14, 2001. The makers of one of her upcoming films, Aadikeshava, are planning to release a special teaser showcasing only Sreeleela this year on the occasion of her birthday.

In recent times, no film released a teaser or trailer just to highlight the heroine in their film. Such is the popularity of Sreeleela, not just online but also offline. The producers are leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the craze of Sreeleela.

Aadikeshava stars Panja Vaisshnav Tej as the hero. The popular Malayalam actor Joju George is making his Telugu film debut as the villain. Naga Vamsi S and Sai Soujanya are the producers, while Srikanth N Reddy is making his directorial debut with Aadikeshava.