Promotions Becoming Embarrassment For ChiranjeeviIt is genuinely a tricky situation for Megastar Chiranjeevi and his fans. While on the one hand, fans complain that there are no promotions, the ones done, on the other hand, are becoming a second-hand embarrassment for them.

Take the case of the latest promotional interview of Sye Raa. Trivikram Srinivas had been roped in to do an exclusive chat with Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mega Power Star Ram Charan. What should have been a treat for fans is something fans are avoiding barring small parts.

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In an interview that lasted for nearly thirty minutes, it was Chiranjeevi all over. He was going on and on and on, cutting short the interviewer. It has resulted in many memes across social media. The lack of succinctness was the primary issue.

It has been a problem in general too as the same can be witnessed in other promotional interviews as well. It suggests the star has been not up to date with the current trend as far as promotional space go. Unfortunately, the youth, who form a major chunk of the viewers for these, see it as ‘chadastham’.

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At 64, Megastar need not change his ways; it won’t be that damning for his image. But, when the generations have changed, and there is a long term plan in movies, these small things need to be taken care off.