Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil is enjoying the success of his latest film Aavesham, which is close to hitting the Rs 100 crore mark worldwide. This makes it the fourth Malayalam movie to achieve this milestone in 2024.

Additionally, Fahadh’s co-produced film Premalu has also done exceptionally well, crossing Rs 100 crore and earning praise from critics and audiences alike.

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However, his recent comments during an interview with a popular YouTube channel stirred up controversy on social media.

Fahadh stated that he prefers people not to discuss actors, performances, or films at the dining table but rather save those conversations for the theater or on the way back home. He believes cinema has its limits. FaFa said, “There’s more you can do in life than watching just films.”

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These remarks didn’t sit well with many cinephiles, who argue that discussions about movies contribute to the popularity of actors like Fahadh Faasil beyond Kerala. If there were no discussions about movies from all over, Fahadh Faasil wouldn’t have been so popular in Telugu.

Fahadh contradicted himself by suggesting that people should not discuss performances outside the theater. Why, then, is he giving interviews and discussing his films and roles with YouTube interviewers and other media?

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Some of his hardcore fans also suggested better he stop giving interviews and spend all his energies on doing films.