Rajamouli Touched Director Fazil Feet

SS Rajamouli is not only known as the number one director in India; his down-to-earth nature, despite his success, sets him apart. While other directors may exhibit arrogance at least once or twice, Rajamouli is in a class of his own.

Not just Rajamouli, but also his family members who work with him, including his wife Rama Rajamouli, display the same attitude.

A Malayalam film producer revealed an incident related to Rajamouli after “Baahubali” turned into a humongous hit. Rajamouli visited Sabarimala via the Alappuzha route.

He asked if he could meet Malayalam director Fazil, who is the father of Pushpa actor Fahadh Fazil. Director Fazil is known for his work in the olden days.

After seeing Fazil, Rajamouli immediately bent down and touched his feet out of respect, revealed the Malayalam producer.

He says even Fazil was shocked by Rajamouli’s act. While the entire nation is talking about “Baahubali,” they did not expect Rajamouli to show such loving and down-to-earth attitude and touching his feet.

Rajamouli said his movies are an inspiration for him.

And this Mallu producer who revealed this asked, “Can we expect anyone from the Malayalam industry to do such an act after delivering such a big film in a director’s career?”

That is what keeps Rajamouli apart from others and keeps him growing despite planted hatred from a section of the caste media during RRR release.