All these years actor Rajasekhar was known for playing lead roles but for the time in his career, he has agreed to play strong character role in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Patta Pagalu’. He says the time has come for him to take up diverse and he’s game for it. In RGV’s film, Rajasekhar is playing a serious role of father who has to deal with his daughter who is possessed by a ghost.

He says he could relate to the character because he has a daughter of his own and therefore, it was easy for him to play the character. The fact that he was worked with Ramu for the first time has made Rajasekhar extremely happy. He said that the moment he came to know that Ramu wanted to work with him, he jumped at the offer and agreed to work with him. He says he doesn’t plan on taking any breaks for the next five years and plans on doing as many diverse roles as possible.

He will next seen playing an important character in the Telugu remake of Tamil blockbuster Soodhu Kavvum. He has four projects with extremely strong character roles.