Rocketry TrailerThe trailer of R Madhavan starrer Rocketry is out. It is a long in the making movie and almost like a dream project to the actor. He also doubles up as a director. It is a biopic on the wronged Indian ISRO scientist, Nambi Narayan.

Right from the opening frame, with what looks like a cameo appearance from Suriya, the trailer is intriguing and grabs attention. The biopics usually leave nothing to the imagination when we know too much about the person in question. Rocketry is helped in that way, as the reality is restricted to a limited segment.

For Madhavan, Rocketry is nothing short of a dream project, and hence, he has put his heart and soul into the project. He wasn’t initially the director but a co-director. However, he took on the mantle later. It is due to the subject which he loved tremendously.

The making looks grand, and the plot seems perfect for the current ‘overtly’ patriotic mood of the nation. It is a powerful subject dealing with highly ambitious people. Nambi Narayan’s journey is sure to be filled with thrilling events based on the trailer.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effects has been in the making for a long time. The pandemic delayed its arrival. But, finally, it seems like set to hit the big screens. The makers confirm a summer 2021 release, but no official date has been given.

Check out the trailer below. R Madhavan writes and directs Rocketry. It will release simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.