Hanu-man-Mahesh-BabuIt took a little over 120 working days to complete the production works of the highly anticipated Indian original superhero film Hanu-Man starring Teja Sajja and was directed by Prasanth Varma. The movie will have heavy computer-generated graphics and the teaser impressed audience across the country.

Meanwhile, the team released a poster featuring Teja Sajja, on Ganesh Chaturthi eve. The protagonist can be seen dancing in joy with the Ganesh idol on his shoulders.

The team also locked their release date now. Hanu-Man is scheduled for release on January 12th. It is interesting to note that this is a date already locked by Superstar Mahesh Babu for his Gunturkaaram.

This counter announcement raises doubts if Teja Sajja is braving Mahesh Babu. Or maybe they are expecting Gunturkaaram to postpone and they are trying to grab the superb date. Hanu-Man may be a small film but it has become big after the response to the teaser and the Pan-India appealing Devotional content.

The makers want to promote the movie aggressively across the country. They got sufficient time for the movie promotions at the Pan India level.