Sulthan - Trailer TalkAfter a promising teaser, the trailer of Karthi’s Sulthan is out. It is an out and out mass entertainer with a rural backdrop. However, it comes with a bit of an urban twist.

The trailer is filled with many goons amounting to a hundred, but they all belong to the hero’s side. And that’s the surprising takeaway from the video. The conflict comes through an outside force, and they also develop cracks internally. How all these affect the village and hero comes and saves the day seems to be the plot, in general.

We also have the mandatory strong woman parts, with the heroine additionally aiding the entertainment. Rashmika Mandanna is seen in a rustic setup for a change. The pair looks fine together.

Ultimately, it is the right mixture of mass elements that would define the success or the failure of the movie. The making looks slick. The fights are shot with a lot of mass flavours. And the background music, too, is alright.

Check out the trailer below. Sulthan releases on April 2nd in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Bakkiyaraj Kannan directs the movie. Sulthan will not only be clashing with films on the same day (in Telugu), it will also be facing competition with biggies in the next week in both languages. Let’s see what the director has in store to stand out among the crowd.