Superstar fans 'goat sacrifice' for the film!
In today’s world, online music piracy has put the industries to quite a severe loss. Despite that, a huge number of Rajinikanth’s fans flocked to music stores to buy the newly released CDs of Kochadaiiyan, a fact that surprised most store owners. As it turns out, over a thousand fans had turned up outside the outlets even before the stores opened for business and the sales were very high.

Moreover, the fans seem to be in a mood of celebration and have taken to the streets. The morning after the audio launch saw them on two wheelers with slogans of best wishes for the film. But that was not all. One group even held a goat sacrifice in front of a store while another did a ritualistic milk abhishekam. It is clear that the excitement for the audio launch it running as high as it does for Rajinikanth’s films.