Prabhas-craze-at-rakshasuduThere is no denial to the fact that Suriya has immense female fan following among the Telugu audiences. The audio launch event of ‘Rakshasudu’ is a big testimony to the craze he enjoys among audiences here in Telugu States. His fans didn’t allow the anchor to speak until Suriya interfered and requested them to calm down.

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Fans were roaring till he requested to allow the event to continue. It’s like watching a big event of any straight Telugu star hero and of course that’s the basic reason, Tamil superstars who enjoy immense fan following among Telugu audiences plan seperate audio launch events for the Telugu versions of their movies.

One could even see more number of girls in attendance for the audio release event. More number of female fans might be also due to the presence of Prabhas who also enjoys big female fan following. Or it might be the other way round i.e., the two stars together have multiplied the craze for the event. Anyway, it’s all about stardom they enjoy.

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