TFI divided over lands in Vizag

With the state of Andhra Pradesh getting divided into two, the Telugu Film Industry too is looking at establishing a new base in the state of Seemandhra. Vishakhapatnam is being chosen as the venue to situate film industry in the newly formed state. Since the location is chosen the producers are asking for the speedy action by the government in granting the lands for new studios to come up and this is where producers seems to have division among themselves.

It is believed that a section wants that the lands be given to producers who don’t have lands in Hyderabad already. It must be given to new producers and also at a cheaper rate than the existing one in the market. These demands haven’t gone down well with a section which is why a friction of sorts seems to have developed between them. Well, let’s hope that they find a resolution soon, a friction now is the last thing that TFI could be hoping for at this point of time.