While one member of Mega-family is all set to address a huge gathering in Vizag, tomorrow, another Mega-family member will be celebrating his birthday. Today is the scheduled date for Jana Sena’s enormous meeting in Vizag and coincidentally, on the same day, Ram Charan Tej celebrates his birthday. It is heard that this is one opportunity for the Chiru group Mega-family to take on Pawan’s meeting.

Ram Charan’s birthday will be celebrated grandly in Hyderabad. A big blood donation camp will be organized by Chiranjeevi Blood Bank, followed by a feast to all the fans. Invitations have already been sent to almost 500 fans associations, for the celebrations. On the other hand, Jana Sena is expecting a huge audience for Pawan to address.

As Pawan Kalyan has joined hands with Modi and is clearly against Congress and Ram Charan has declared that he will support his father and his father’s party only, today will be a day to watch. With these both events happening simultaneously, the Mega-family fans have gone into a dilemma. Will the majority attend Pawan Kalyan’s mega event? Or will they come to donate blood and watch their birthday boy, Ram Charan?