Tollywood-Stars-Playing-Safe-With--.YatraYSR Biopic – Yatra is struggling at the Box Office despite decent talk and reviews. In the first weekend, the movie has scraped only to 40% Recovery. On the other side, YSR Congress fans are not at all happy with the way the movie is being treated. After a sensational ovation for NTR Biopic by Tollywood Celebrities, they expected something similar to Yatra as well.

But then, things were quite different. Except for one or two celebrities, Tollywood has been mostly mute about Yatra. Krishna and Akkineni families were very close to YSR during his tenure. They were given a few Business Deals skipping the Rules. YSR stood firmly behind Nagarjuna and Krishna when there were allegations on their Studios.

Until he is alive, they were nice to YS Family but later distanced themselves. Nagarjuna met Jagan when he was in jail and the ties were snapped at least in Public since then. YSR Fans were disturbed by the fact that they could not show minimum courtesy by at least tweeting about the film. They also allege that the Tollywood celebrities are fearing Chandrababu Naidu Government and are trying to play safe before the elections.