Tollywood_WriterA director and his regular writer narrated a story (a Malayalam remake) to a senior star and worked on the script for a few months in the star’s home production. The movie then got shelved after there is a rights issue.

The director was completely disappointed but this Writer pulled off a surprise. He got the rights and took the same script to another Senior star and convinced him for his directional debut.

The director was disappointed because it was his idea to remake the movie and felt betrayed by the writer who successfully diverted the project.

But as the fate had it, the movie ran into another Rights issue.

The project was to happen with another production house. So one of the producers bought this rights for this Writer. Now the project went to another producer, the original producer who holds the rights is refusing to transfer the rights without getting a premium.

Now the writer turning director is struck between devil and the deep sea. The friends of the first director are happy and are saying the writer- director got what he is deserved. “He deserves what he got for the double game,” he says.