U.S. To India: Tollywood Back on Its Feet by MarchIf there is one business that has effected by the Covid scare it is undoubtedly the theatrical business. All over the world, the movie business has taken a toll and the theater watching experience has reduced.

In India where films are considered to be the biggest time pass apart from cricket, things have been so tough. The Bollywood industry is still reeling under the scare and is not fully recovered as big films have stopped to release in the last two years or so.

By the end of the second wave, things looked dull and only the Telugu film industry was making the most of it with good releases. Now, the third wave is on and the experts say that this phase will end soon and theatrical business will be back to normal by March.

In the US too, the Omicron cases are on the downfall. With various new vaccines like Moderna ready to tackle the virus, things look safe in the days to come as movies will be out in the US in a back-to-back manner. Back in India too, the restrictions are also going down as of now.

In states like Tamil Nadu, there is no more night curfew and weekend lockdown. In Delhi, the theaters which were closed will open with 50% occupancy and no weekend lockdown is a good sign.

Seeing this, one can make out that Pawan Kalyan‘s Bheemla Nayak which will arrive on February 25th will surely set the ball rolling for the theatrical business in Telugu. However, Ravi Teja‘s Khiladi which will be out on 11th February will be tested. If it gets a good reception, the audience will get some courage and will throng the theaters.

Some biggies like RRR, Radhe Shyam, and Acarya are locked for summer. So, things look good and one can say the third wave has not created that kind of impact on the Telugu cinema as much as it did with the Hindi and other language industries.