Director Sukumar pushpa 2Prior to the release of Pushpa: The Rise, Sukumar wasn’t all that convinced about the Hindi release prospect. “I was laughing when I heard that our film is releasing in Hindi,” Sukumar said at one of Pushpa’s promotional events.

Cut to now, Pushpa: The Rise has turned out to be a smashing success in the Hindi market. The onus is now on Sukumar to deliver big time with Pushpa 2.

The talk is that the makers of Pushpa are planning to make Pushpa 2 more appealing to the Hindi audience by roping in Hindi actors. Now that the first part struck a chord with the Hindu audience, the pressure will be on Sukumar to conceive the second part in such a way that it caters to the Hindi audience.

This will ultimately add more pressure on Sukumar and he would not have anticipated this prior to the release of the first part. As if this isn’t hard enough, Allu Arjun announced that Pushpa 2 will be releasing in more Indian languages than any film did till now. This will only mount more undue pressure on Sukumar.