Uyyala Jampala biggest low-budget hitMade under a budget of INR 2 crore, Uyyala Jampala gave actor-producer Nagarjuna much need respite in 2013, which was a very disappointing year for him as two of his film – Greekuveerudu and Bhai – bombed at the box-office. Despite all this Nag is happy that year ended on a good note.

His latest production venture ‘Uyyala Jampala’ struck gold for the actor raking in over R. 6 crore in the first week in Andhra Pradesh. The film about childhood sweethearts who fall in love has struck chord with the audience. Apparently, it turned out to be the biggest Telugu low-budget hit in 2013. It registered the highest return on investment vis-a-vis any other film in the same budget range.

Nagarjuna was so happy with the film that he said that it made him restore his faith in his judgment especially after doing two bad films.