Varun Tej Worked Hard Physically & Mentally As Well -Allu Bobby - Sidhu MuddaAfter multiple postponements, Varun Tej’s boxing drama, Ghani is gearing up for theatrical release on the 8th of April. The makers have kickstarted the promotional campaign now.

In a chitchat session with, the producers of Ghani, Allu Bobby and Siddhu Mudda opened up about Ghani and the kind of efforts Varun Tej put in for the film.

“There are very few pro-boxing films in Indian cinema. I haven’t seen a proper professional boxing-based film in the last 10 years. Ghani falls under this category. The film’s core is based on the sport of boxing. Varun Tej went the extra mile for the film. He didn’t just train in boxing, he also did a fair deal of research about the sport,” Siddhu Mudda said.

Adding further, Allu Bobby said “I do have the blessings of my father, Allu Aravind, but I wanted to prove myself on my own and that is why I came on board for Ghani. This is a proper boxing drama. Varun Tej worked hard not just on the physical aspect but also on the mental aspect. He read many books related to boxing, watched footage of boxing legend Mohammed Ali and prepared himself psychologically as well.”

It is evident that Varun Tej has undergone an impressive makeover for the film. The producers now say he won’t just look like a boxer in the film, but also behave like one through the course fo the film, thanks to the research he did while working on the film.