Veerudokkade ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Only for hardcore commercial movie lovers

Ajith, Tamannaah -Censor-U/A, 158 Minutes.

So_So Rating

Veerudokkade Review
What is “Veerudokkade” about?
Veerudokkade is the story of Veerendra (Ajith) and his brothers. One fine day the brothers realize that its time their big brother get married and they find Gomati Devi (Tamannaah) in the process. How Veerandra and Gomati Devi fall in love with each other, what are the obstacles they face before getting married is in short Veerudokkade.

How is Ajith’s performance?
Ajith is cool as usual even if he is wearing a ‘lungi’ throughout. Its the same punch dialogues and fights in slow motion, only instead of the guns we have local weapons and props. In the few important moments where the sentiment is required the actor pulls it off effortlessly.

Veerudokkade Review

Direction by Daruvu Siva?
Siva is in form here. By form we mean he executes the given material well without making it hotchpotch. The storyline is wafer thin and extremely predictable but the director manages to engage with non stop comedy and action thrown in equal measures. It gets predictable after time and the film looses momentum as well but by them we are at the end of the film as well. Kudos must be given to the director for executing the film properly without over dramatization.

Veerudokkade Review

Tamanna and other artists performance?
Tamannaah returns to playing the typical heroine character in a big mass production. While the hero does what he is required to do, heroine goes about doing her job in clinical manner. Santhanam evokes laugh in the first half and is missed in the second part of the film. All the actors playing brothers are good fit for their roles, no one particularly shines or get noticed though. Nazar playing the righteous head of a village of fine as usual and so is Atul Kulkarni seeking revenge. Appukutty registers in the few scenes he was in where as RNR Manohar overacts.

Veerudokkade Review
How is DSP’s Music and others?
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is lackluster but he makes up for it through the background score which is good if not electrifying. Cinematography is good. Editing could have been better in places and especially during the action sequences.

Veerudokkade Review
Fast paced narration
Predictable but well intended dialogues

Too predictable
Very thin story
Lack of strong villain

Veerudokkade Review

What about the box office performance of the film?
Veerudokkade has opened decently thanks to the previous film of Ajith Aata Arrambam which had good buzz among the Telugu audience. Add to it the presence of Tamannaah and Devi Sri Prasad as director in this mass masala venture, it has what it takes to have a decent run, if not good. However it faces the same problem as other releases, it won’t have much time at box office to really show an impact as biggies are planned in the coming weeks and it will be forced out of theaters for them.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, only if one loves the regular template commercial fares.


So_So Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha