Venkatesh Rana Naidu Venkatesh Daggubati struck his fans in way they didn’t didn’t expect with Rana Naidu. The usage of cuss words and adult narration weren’t expected from Venky. This became a mini controversy back then as the Telugu folk had a varied reaction to the series.

Now, Venky has reacted to the Rana Naidu reception for the first time as he took part in Ahimsa press meet today. asked Venky to react to Rana Naidu reception from fans and he replied “Netflix is happy with the response. We obviously tried something new.”

Venkatesh added that it is is not possible to impress all sections of the audience all the time.

When asked if there will be a change of approach for the second season “It’s an original content. We will see how we can alter it. We will try and see if we can tap into more audience. We will see how it goes.”

Venkatesh vowed to have a detailed discussion on Rana Naidu in the future and kept his first response short and simple.