How many cameras are usually used to shoot a film? I suppose not more than 10 in a film. But do you know that superstar Rajinikanth’s film was shot using more 50 cameras in every scene? In a recent video release by director K. S Ravi Kumar on his Facebook page, he has explained that the film was shot actually in about 20 days using over 50 cameras.

You heard it right! The actual shooting of the film with the actors only lasted for 20 days in a studio abroad. So, if you’re wondering then what has been delaying the project for such a long time, you should know that the technology involved is a time consuming process. Ravi Kumar said that the film was shot with actors with no make up, costumes or sets. The entire film was shot inside a room with cameras capturing minute details from 360 degrees angle. Ravi Kumar said he was initially skeptical if such a film can be made with merely a budget of INR 125 crore. But Soundarya Rajinikanth has proved everybody wrong and proved it is possible.

‘Vikrama Simha’ has now been pushed to May, but the strong buzz around the film is still there until it releases.