What did Andrea learn from Kamal Haasan?
After Vishwaroopam, singer-actress Andrea is working with Kamal Haasan in Uttama Villain. The actress is all praise for her co-star, from whom she has been learning a lot. While she did spend a lot of time on Vishwaroopam with Kamal, she didn’t have the comfort that she has now back then to move freely with him. She used to be a silent admirer on the sets of Vishwaroopam, but having worked with Kamal in the film’s sequel and now in Uttama Villain, she feels confident to even talk to him whenever she feels like.

Both Pooja Kumar and Andrea have been learning a lot from Kamal. From being dedicated on sets to professionalism, both of them have learnt a lot. Andrea also takes singing tips from Haasan, who is a talented singer as well. She says Kamal may be a superstar but he’s very humble as an actor. She says that she’s trying to be like him in real and reel life as much as possible.