Pareshan Mem FamousThere are several youth oriented films that have released at the Tollywood box office in the recent past. All of them are aggressively branded and promoted as the respective makers as youthful entertainers.

The likes of Mem Famous and Pareshan were aggressively campaigned to be youthful winners at the box office.

However, the promotions aren’t necessarily matching up to the actual box office performance or the post release talk of these films.

Like for instance, Jathi Ratnalu and DJ Tillu were true blue youthful blockbusters. They could perfectly vibe with the youth and also go big at the box office.

But in the case of Pareshan and Mem Famous, there was not such connect with the youth. The youth vibe remained with the promotions from the makers and didn’t reflect in the audience reception and box office performance.

For Jathi Ratnalu and Tillu, there was a pretty good audio track. That helped them after the release. But that didn’t happen with Mem Famous and Pareshan. There are hardly any songs that vibed with the youth or general audiences.

Not that Pareshan and Mem Famous are bad films. They do have 2-4 hilarious blocks throughout the course. But as a whole product, they’re missing the desired connect with the youth audience. Otherwise, we would have witnessed another Tillu or Jathi Ratnalu kind of buzz everywhere and the same level of success.

In the end, the clear distinction arises between a movie that works for the majority and one that only works in parts. That’s precisely why these recent films have failed.