When was the last time we have seen a star hero or a small hero looked so simple and spoke his heart out? That’s where we see Pawan comes in. Gone are the days people used to admire heroes for their on screen bravery. We are in the times fans are more well-versed and admire Celebs for their attitude not for their make up looks. Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram had a chat with Radio Mirchi Bhargavi and Mirchi Babji and shared some good moments.

Pawan thanked the ethics movie lovers adhere to when the half of the movie is leaked online and it’s just a click away from download but people refrained from doing it. Most heroes brags off as they have done a particular tough dance in a single take or a lengthy dialogue with out doing any rehearsal. But Pawan doesn’t see a problem with it and admits honestly he practiced 7-8 days to deliver the choreography for a song in Attarintiki Daredi. Speaking about the heart of the movie climax scene where Pawan out performed, he said he failed to okay the scene but did it after quite bit of practice.

What makes Pawan Kalyan very special? I guess the first answer that comes out is his honesty. Let’s wish him loads of success and hope some day Pawan will work for public directly for a bigger cause. Share your opinion.