NagababuKonidela Nagendra Babu used to fire a lot on Nandamuri Balakrishna before the elections. He released a series of videos mocking Balakrishna and TDP before the elections. Many said he is keen on defeating Balakrishna in Hindupur but could not succeed. He now once again commented on Balakrishna in the context of MAA elections.

In an interview, Balakrishna questioned what has happened to the funds collected for MAA association and why even a permanent building could not be constructed all these years. “As far as I know, no one collected funds for MAA building,” Nagababu said.

“Right from Murali Mohan, many tried to have a building for MAA. But it could not happen due to some political reasons. The funds collected were mainly used for welfare and other reasons in recent years. So that has not become possible,” the Mega brother added.

“It is better if Nagababu allows those in the association to answer Balakrishna’s questions. Nagababu is not a part of the association. So, he better not talk on their behalf,” Balakrishna’s fans say.