Why Subtitles for Rowdy? -Vishnu explains -

The makers of ‘Rowdy’ have confirmed that the film will release April 4th in cinemas worldwide with English subtitles. Actor Vishnu Manchu who plays the lead in the film has taken up subtitling very seriously as he feels its importance more than anyone in the industry. He says that subtitles help to taking a film to wider audience irrespective of the language barrier.

Vishnu has taken up subtitling very importantly since Denikaina Ready, and he’s extremely happy with the output. He is one of the few stars in the industry to have set up a subtitling unit and has been having his team subtitle other Telugu films as well. While most films nowadays use subtitles but they compromise on the quality of the subs. He feels from common grammatical errors to even an unneeded full stop is distracting to the eyes in subtitles. So whoever is doing it should be very careful, feels Vishnu.

Vishnu is paired alongside his father Mohan Babu in the film, which is shot against the faction ridden backdrop of Rayalaseema.