Future seems to be bleak for YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. In his election campaign, he used to say Chandra Babu will not exist in the state after the elections. He and his late father YS Raja Sekhar Reddy had tormented the longest serving Chief Minister by saying people do not trust him. They always used to use the phrase ‘Viluvalu, Viswasaneeyatha leni Chandra Babu’. Both the morals and people’s trust is a base for any politician and Chandra Babu was hit very badly with these words, while Jagan is in deep neck pending corruption charges against him and out on bail.

YSR in his first term used the Operation Akarsh ruthlessly and bought many leaders of Telugu Desam Party handicapping it in all possible ways. Jagan resorted to the same after YSR’s death. Even loyalists who stayed from TDP’s formation left Chandra Babu and took Jagan’s side. Now the TDP cadre is fuming with revenge for all that happened to them. Chandra Babu has the history of discouraging political revenges and factionism. But the cadre now at least want him to pursue all the pending cases on him so that he goes for jail. Congress forcifully stopped CBI and ED from pursuing the cases on Jagan. Chandra Babu and Narendra Modi may not have to resort to side routes, Jagan will face very tough time if they give free hand to the investigating agencies, says political observers.