Prasanth Varma

Director Prasanth Varma is riding high on the success of his superhero film “Hanu Man,” which recently premiered on OTT platforms to massive numbers.

Now, amidst the buzz surrounding his next move, reports suggest that he’s gearing up to revive his project titled “Octopus” with actress Anupama Parameswaran.

Due to casting delays for “Jai Hanuman,” Prasanth Varma is shifting his focus to completing the shooting of “Octopus,” which is already more than 60% done. The film centers around five main characters, with Anupama playing one of them.

Having gained nationwide recognition with “Hanu Man,” Prasanth’s next steps are eagerly anticipated. Despite his newfound pan-India director status, he’s opted to prioritize completing the smaller project “Octopus” for his next release.

Whether “Octopus” will hit theaters or go directly to OTT platforms remains uncertain. However, with the bar set high by “Hanu Man,” Prasanth Varma is expected to deliver compelling content, regardless of the release platform.

Varma faces the pressure of maintaining a high standard in terms of content. Every aspect of his filmmaking will be under scrutiny. Therefore, Prasanth Varma is tasked with delivering a quality film that enhances his reputation and adds further goodwill to his body of work.