Yevam Teaser

The upcoming psychological thriller “Yevam” is not only building anticipation with its teaser but also with its unconventional marketing strategy. Director Prakash Dantuluri has opted for a unique approach, releasing character posters with distinct taglines that offer glimpses into their personalities.

This strategy effectively builds intrigue and piques audience interest, leaving viewers wanting more. Adding fuel to the excitement is the praise showered upon the project by renowned director Harish Shanker. He lauded the director’s vision, the high production quality, and the teaser’s ability to hook viewers.

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Produced by Navadeep and Pavan Goparaju, “Yevam” boasts a talented crew, including music composers Keertana Sesh and Neelesh Mandalapu. With a captivating teaser, a unique marketing strategy, and a team brimming with talent, “Yevam” promises to be a cinematic journey unlike any other.

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