The Assembly and Parliament elections for Seema Andhra and Telangana are taking place simultaneously. Telangana had already sealed its verdict and stored in the EVMs. The one day exercise in Telangana needed 90,000 police personnel to carry out the entire procedure. Rs 100 crores was spent for vehicle management, wages, food and other logistics for the bandobust. This amount is at least 30% more than the expenditure incurred in 2009. The election commission even hired 4 helicopters to avoid untoward incidents in Maoist inflicted areas.

On the other side, the cost of a similar bandobust is expected to cost 120 Crores to Seema Andhra region. Seema Andhra have more number of sensitive areas than Telangana. The state police have demanded 300 Crores for the bandobust in both the regions but the government only sanctioned 220 Crores.