Chicago-Mass-ShootingOf late, Chicago, USA has been seeing an alarming spike in the crime rate. Here’s another such horrifying set of incidents where as many as 9 people were killed and 27 were injured in a shocking mass shooting.

On memorial day weekend, there were several reports of gunshots all across Chicago, claiming the lives of 9 victims.

The victims are aged between 14-69. The first shooting was at 6300 Block of West Monroe road and this was at around 5:39 PM.

As many as 3 teenagers were confirmed to be injured due to gunfire in separate incidents across Chicago.

The shootings are said to be random incidents and they have sparked a sense of fear and int terror amongst the common folk. The 32 injured people are getting treated in hospitals and the death toll might rise up based on the severity of the injuries sustained by them.

The more shocking thing is that a few of these incidents are due to accidental discharge of ammunition and weren’t wilful shootings.