ABN Radha Krishna ABN Radhakrishna is often seen as Pro-TDP but at times he inflicts damage like worst enemies of Chandrababu Naidu knowingly or unknowingly. He is at that once again now.

He came up with a new theory in his Weekend Comment by RK. KCR apparently wants Pawan Kalyan on his side for Kapu community votes and that would also help Jagan by splitting Opposition votes in Andhra Pradesh. For this deal to go through, KCR offered to fund Janasena‘s election expenses upto 1000 Crore.

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There is no masala when we say 1000 Crore election expenses. RK called it 1000 Crore Package. He had endorsed Jagan party‘s allegations of Pawan Kalyan taking Package from Chandrababu and the damage is done.

Pawan Kalyan fans who oppose TDP due to film and community rivalry are having a field day alleging that it was Chandrababu behind these allegations to tarnish Pawan Kalyan’s image. They are demanding that Pawan Kalyan should drop this alliance proposal or all supporters should not vote for TDP candidates even if there is one.

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When Pawan Kalyan is in favour of having an alliance, why would Chandrababu defame Pawan Kalyan? We have seen Lokesh invoke Pawan Kalyan in a couple of Padayatra speeches. Chandrababu spoke well about Pawan Kalyan in Smita‘s Talk Show too.

ABN may be Pro-TDP at times but RK is always known for doing something like this for own media sensation and push TDP into trouble. ABN is no Sakshi to be a party pamphlet.

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