ABN Radhakrishna in his weekend comment today dropped another Bomb in Telangana politics.

In his column, Radhakrishna wrote that Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered Revanth Reddy all possible help to finish the KCR family in Telangana.

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“We are not worried even if Congress came to power. KCR’s family should not be there. You do all that you can do,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Revanth Reddy, as per RK.

KTR started using this to portray Congress and BJP as the same and are trying to eliminate a Telangana party.

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Whatever RK or KTR say, it is very difficult to sell the theory that Congress and BJP are working together.

But then, if both parties have agreed as such, it will be something to worry about for the BRS in the next five years.

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The party that enjoyed absolute power for nine years in Telangana suddenly looks so vulnerable days after losing power.

The Car Party has to register a respectable number in the upcoming General election so as to showcase itself as a formidable force.