YS Bhaskar ReddyThe YS Viveka murder case has come back to haunt the YCP top leadership in ways they weren’t expecting. Aviansh skipped the CBI investigation for a couple of weeks and managed to get anticipatory bail.

Now, Avinash’s father Bhaskar Reddy who was arrested by the CBI in connection with the case too has applied for bail.

Bhaskar Reddy was arrested on 16th of last month in connection with the murder case. He filed the bail plea today.

The CBI has been arguing that Bhakar Reddy has been maintaining political rivalry with Viveka since 2017. He hadn’t been cooperating with the investigation and trying to deroute the same.

The CBI has strongly argued that Bhaskar Reddy and his men will try their best to deroute the investigation further if they are set free.

For now Bhaskar Reddy is in Chanchalguda jail. It has to be seen if the court will grant him a bail while the CBI investigation has reached the penultimate stage.