Andhra Pradesh Election Results shocked so-called Analysts more than Jagan Mohan Reddy himself.

Over the last five years, the self-proclaimed Analysts on Television and their own YouTube channels made a complete mockery of their job.

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People like K Nageshwar, Telakapalli Ravi, and Journalist Sai were in the illusion that the YSR Congress would be in power forever and played Opposition to the Opposition. Even after the Polling, these people were unaware of the trend and were sincerely batting for Jagan.

So that brings us to a question – How do you analyze politics when you are completely unaware of the people’s pulse?

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It is an open secret in Political Circles that YSR Congress used to regularly pay a bunch of Analysts salaries to ensure they take their line.

And then, the videos they make are circulated to YSR Congress WhatsApp and Social Media groups by I-PAC teams which would enhance their reach as well.

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The higher the Reach, the higher the income from the YouTube Monetization Program.

So, they were earning from Salaries as well as YouTube.

But then, the verdict of the people came as a slap to these so-called Analysts. People just made them naked on the streets.

People of Andhra Pradesh showed the highest degree of Political awareness by rejecting those who under-estimate them by throwing freebies and deploying caste politics.

They certainly deserve better Analysts. These ‘Earn’alists are nearing the expiry date soon.